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About The Author

Bill Batson has published a sketch and short essay about the Village of Nyack every Tuesday since 2011 on nyacknewsandviews.com. His family has been in Nyack, New York, since the 1890s. Bill serves as the Marketing Manager for the Nyack Chamber of Commerce and the Artist-In-Residence at the Nyack Farmers’ Market where he sells and makes art, organizes events, and develops promotional tools for the Chamber. Bill is an advisor to the Nyack Center, a trustee of the Historical Society of the Nyacks, and the chair of the Nyack Commemoration Committee, a group that erected a Toni Morrison Society Bench by the Road monument in Nyack’s Memorial Park in 2015. Bill chairs the press and publicity committee for the Nyack branch of the NAACP. From his Nyack Sketch Log column, the Flash Sketch Mob, a crowd sourced, en plein air landscape art project, and the Nyack Record Shop Project have sprung.  A lifelong artist and activist, Bill is dedicated to using the arts to promote preservation, commemoration, cultural education, and community empowerment. To learn more, follow his weekly column or visit billbatsonarts.com.  Follow Nyack Sketch Log on Instagram and Facebook.